Surpercharged Real-Time Reports

Immediately know which students are struggling – and exactly where to start helping

CoVitality Reports are Reliable, Comprehensive, and Effective

Reports are based on a set of norms that compare results to a large representative data set of students.

Intuitively provide only the critical information you need.

Identifies and highlights students who need immediate help and provides guidance to help all students reach thriving mental health

Features customized evidence-based suggestions to improve SEL skills in the classroom and ideas for how student care teams can have a school wide effort.

School Climate Report

Provides comprehensive insights and analysis on school climate. It is particularly useful for identifying target areas for Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions.

Individual Student Profile Report

Provides social-emotional strength profiles for each individual student and is particularly useful for highlighting which SEL skills each student could use more support in.

Comprehensive Aggregate Analysis Report

Provides very detailed aggregated analysis including information on the demographics of the sample population, question by question analysis with response option and grade level, and T-Score analysis for each CoVitality domain.

Data Export Report

Enables all the raw student survey data to be exported into an Excel file that has been specially formatted for use with statistical analysis software such as SPSS. This report is very useful for conducting additional analysis and reviewing individual student responses in detail.
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